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Naples Art Support

In The Midst of turning 20...


The traveling thru the Sacred Deep State of Mind, was becoming More Vivid... More Lucid.. More Gardner Like.
The Doodles, Black and White.. Understanding Creative Imaginative Figures.. Scribbling.. Chasing the Lines... Understanding the Flow of Ink of a Pen. The doodles, with only adding color time to time. I was so afraid of Color. But now i have Hundreds of Character and Accessory  Concepts of 10 years of doodling. A time when I doubted Myself as An Artist.. While People that would see my Doodles, always told me.. How incredible they are and how I need to put them somewhere and sell them.. While I never thought they were good enough.. Because I new I still had room for Perfecting and Understanding My Style... and NEXT STOP, TICKETS PLEASE!


In the Reality of Our Matrix, there have been many things to Influence Visions. From the Fun Younger Days of Partying.. to Growing Up to be an Entrepreneur and Being a Father. All the Life experiences that I wanted or Didn't want,, I took it as good as I can. AS I dug holes for fences for 10 yrs, almost everyday.. All I could do was think.. think.. imagine.. imagine some more.. As  I Mindlessly dug.. dug.. & dug.. more and more holes. To Coming home and always having a Dream to be more than that. 
Then One day My Son Asked me, after watching a Video of me at home.. Playing my guitar.. He says "Daddy, When Are You Going to Be on Stage?"
Shit you not, I had a flip flop of schedule with my son the next day... because he mom needed to switch days around with custody, which ever since.. I have been playing open Mics since Fall of 2018.
  All of that lead me to go deeper into my Art, Meet more People in the Art & Music Scene in Naples, Ft. Myers, & Cape Coral. I began Live Painting in the Winter of 2019, after Telling Myself to "GO FOR IT".
  All of the Challenges and Change of Line of Work to doing Dock and Seawall Work, which required Me to Gain new Skills and Inspirations from being under water and studying the characteristics of sea life in ways I Never Thought Before.
  Hence Has Led to more Insight and Creative Juices, Ever Since Winter 2020.


In the Meditative Realm of My Lucid Gardens, My Dream World of the Inter Journey, & Personally Developed practices of Breathing/ Stretching.. Has opened Me UP to New Understandings that are Beyond Our Physical Matrix.
From Natural to Chemical (whether Artificial or Natural) Influenced Psychedelic Journeys Thru the Sacred Mind, Grasp Understandings and Knowledge.. and Styles I Never Imagined Before.
Using those Two Forms of Deep Subconscious Research, As *Tools* to Reach the depth and Growth of my Mental Gardens.. The Seeds Planted.. The Self-Nurturing.. The Self-Understanding, How Myself in Ways are Connected to Your-Self. I Feel that I have been able to bring life things to Our Matrix, from these Worlds.
The Visions.. The Entities.. The Place of Light.. The Mysterious Place of Darkness, that is a Place of Voices of Information towards Progression.. The Feeling of Leaving My Body, has Opened Up Many Different Aspects of Creations For Me.
Welcome to the Lucid Gardens.. Plant it Here and Watch it Grow,
After All, We Are Just Soul-bots Living on a Space Rock

My Son

Before he was born.. it was Hard Enough to do things For Me, but When I knew Little Zen Isaac Rapp was on his Way.. All of that Perspective Changed. From a Piece that I worked on about Human Creation in a Different realm from the Architect of the Matrix, that was Inspired By His Creation and Growth Inside the Womb. 
Ever Since then, he Has asked me to make fun things. He Wants to Be An Artist.
I Knew I had to Show that You can Be Happy, You Can Be Creative.. and How Hard You Need to work to Make these Dreams Happen. As he as seen me at my Highest and My lowest.. I always Stride to Make it Right and Fair to Him.
After all, who else was going to be Sitting on my Shoulders as I color in art pieces? Who else would Encourage me to Make the Next Step? Who else asked me When I would Be on Stage?
Zen, The Person Who Asked When, and I Went.
He Went from a little fence helper, to my Art Buddy. 

Depths of Meditation 

  Breathing, Stretching, & Concentration Go A Long Way. You'd Be Surprised What you can open you Mind / Third Eye to See and to Feel. 

The Self-Chant, That is  Secret to Me.. The Chant that Came to me During a Mediation and Ever Since.. That Chant has calmed me.. and helped me breakthrough to Deeper Realms.
Taking me To Be Guided by the *Owners of the World*.. The True Watchmen of Our Matrix. 
Laying the Foundation, Building the Structure, and Adding the Finishing Details.

Local Supporters

   These Beautiful Soul-Bots each have had their own Positive Impact on Me and the Community when it Comes to Local Art Support.. Especially in the Bayshore Art District.
    John Hart was the first to Host my Artwork at His food shop "Organically Twisted", and gave me the first Mental Hope of Maybe One day taking it to the Next Level. Thanks John!
   Frankie Colt, Who use to run the Open Mics and Art Nights at Whiskey Park, Naples. She was the one to influence me to play Open Mics, Live Painting and Sold my first Art Piece under her Watch... During at Art Night At Whiskey Park. She is an Amazing Person.
   Collen Turley, such a supporter all around for everyone. She takes Magnificent Pictures! She has Helped Many Artists and Musicians Like Me, HAVE SO MUCH CONFIDENCE. She Really Knows How to Make you Look and Feel like a ROCKSTAR. She Was Really a Huge part in Me Gaining Confidence thru her Photography. What a Wonderful and yet Tough Woman!   
   Amanda Jaron, Who is the Biggest Supporter of the Arts in the Bayshore Art District that I know! She loves the Arts! wants it to be heard! You maybe Familiar with her Mermaid Mural (done by Marcus Zotter) on Her Jewelry Store, and she has quite the Unique Talent of a Designing and Making Jewelry. Wonderful Woman.
   Melody, Over at Bean to Cup Coffee Shop, also in the Bayshore Art District. She was the First to Host My Original Art work and MOST IMPORTANTLY My Custom Tumblers. As She Hosted Art and Music Events, it led me to Help make  Flier and Get Musicians / Other Local Artists to Assemble  at her 1 yr Anniversary Party. Defiantly Helped me make new connections and spread Love on Bayshore. Thank you for you Influence Mel!
   Jim Bixler, The Master Planter and Garden Designer. That Man had found Love for My Work and has helped me Make Moves on Bayshore when It Comes to Public Art and Has Couple of Custom Originals of Mine. Jim, has defiantly helped me Expand My Mind wit Ideas by giving me such Challenges and Events. Such as The Butterfly Event and Planters at Celebration Park. AS He Beautifies Bayshore with Hs Plants and Arrangements, You have defiantly  seen his work in the Bayshore Art District.
   Chris Jones, Owner of "Low Brow Pizza" (Industry Beer & BBQ, Industry Pizza & Slice Shop), Just on the Outskirts of Bayshore Art District. He is a HUGE Supporter of the Weird art that Causes the *Low Brow Effect. Defiantly a Man with Visions of Cool As Fuck Food Joints for Naples. His Pizza Joint Received a Special Visit from Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, for am Infamous Pizza Rating Blog. ART. PIZZA. BBQ. You Can Find MY Big Ass Mural Gates Out Back, My Art Pieces and Tumblers (along with other artist's works) All Over (literally all over) the place.
   Celebration Park, which has Been a Huge Platform for Me in Public Art for the Bayshore Art District. Thank you to the First Manager I met there, Patrick.. He pushed to make that place artsy with Unique Works. Started with a Dock Piling, to a Giant Wall.. Tables.. Bathroom.. Planters.. Which Now has led me to even More Connections in Helping My Mind Spread its Roots and Helping Enhance the Bayshore Art District.

Connect to the Art Local Supporters

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Master Mermaid Jeweler 

Bean to Cup Coffee

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Master Planter 

Low Brow Pizza

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