Serene Salinity 

    Arkbarz Becomes the Swamp Docta to Further Guide Vyra on the Other Side, Once Again as he Travels thru the realm of the "Port of Purgatory" Where he will... Be Divinely Intervened by a Coder of the In- Between.
   As Vyra Walks the Shores of Purgatory, She is Lost.. but yet Found.. as she is lured to Dunk her head and Manifest her Future.. To Find the Timely Teachings, being uploaded thru the Charge of 
Salinity... Just. In. Time. 
   The Swamp Docta, Finds his Staff On Top of his Ship, that he had Once Sailed in a Previous Visit.. Deep, In the Swamp.. He Rides, he Paddles... He Finds the Message, the Mission Begins.
   As The Venture Into the Darkness, Their Light we Guide them Back once Again..
   Welcome to the Port of Purgatory. One. More. Time.

The Swamp Docta (Nick Rapp) Produced and Art by: Nick Rapp a.k.a. Lucid Gardens Model: Rachel / PichuPropaganda (on instagram) 
Model 2: Ashley 
Assistant Production: Casey Carriere

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