Personalized Art

The Ways of Creating for You

The Deep Meditation / Lucid State of Mind / Manipulating Self to Live a Tale to Tell

Sit Here, Stay a While

   The Amount of Sitting, and thinking about Complex worlds.. is Tremendous. Hours can go into the smallest or biggest of Projects of JUST THINKING. The Rigorous Personal practices that get me to The Mental State that I need to be in, to form certain Stories.. Certain Deep Mental Realms I need to Visit or Conquer between the Process.
   Reaching a Lucid, Creative State of Mind.. That I call My Lucid Garden.. Has been a Very Deep Practice of Mine, with My own Self Proven Method of Meditation, Breathing, and Smoking a Bunch of Weed.. That Collectively Calm Me Down from this Here; Chaotic Reality, And take me to a Place of Wonders; Light.. Wisdom.. Truths.. Pain.. Creation...
  To Me it Is a Wonder, What the Mind can Be when you can Control Certain Factors Within.

Past of Past Art, Sold Art & Completed Murals

Locations Art Products Have Knowingly Made it To: Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oregon, Virginia, Georgia, California, Germany

Its Important to Be Free

The Jellyfish Creations and Flower, Have seemed to be a Crowd Favorite.
Created 2019 / Sold 2020

Lost in Jeepers

48"x60" Commission.
Based Off of a Few Topics of Their Street.. I sat in Deeeep Thought Bringing Characters to life in a Rough Sketch.. to bringing it to Life on a Large Canvas.
Created / Sold 2020

The Mush-Room

Custom Made for My Personal Art Products. Using Copper Pipes and LEDs to really give it a Multi Portal vibe.. that you could Find in your Wall.
Created / Sold 2021

Get Lost Some Times

My First In Home Mural, Was Told to Do Whatever I Wanted.. So I had this Concept on My Mind..
Created / Installed 2019

Space Park Wall

My First Opportunity to Do A Mural in Naples. Over at Celebration Park, with a message and a Story about the Park. Took Roughly 90 hours in July and August Heat. Soooo Much 100 spf.. Couldn't even wash it off for days. Any way, This was My Initial Work that Started my Personal Progress in the Bayshore Art District; Naples, FL.
Created / Installed 2019

Concept H20

You're a concept. I'm a concept. Our souls are stuck within us. The reoccurring pit of wonders in our mind.. some are crimes. Some are teachings in time.. the shadows of the once traveled, will be replaced by the ones yet to travel. We are replaced. Just upgrade the place you stand. Before you leave it for the next traveler of the cosmos. *as the Earth plays dodge ball with asteroid* šŸ‘½
Created / Sold 2020

Vibration Creation

Finished commission called. "Reality Prep".. Bout to plug in and get real as fuck!
Created / Sold 2020

Ca Ca Cooooonnn

Right on Time.. The Blossoming Planters.
In Conjunction w/ Jim Bixler's Plants & a Community Butterfly Art Project
Created / Installed 2021

Jelly Tune

Get Lost In the Jelly tune. My Favorite Flowing Character To Make.. Is My Protector Jelly. Shipped to New Jersey to a Good Old Friend..
Created / Sold 2020

Inter-Clock Works

Custom Fresh Cedar Branch Frame w/ items picked on Vanventure. Made on a Chilly Tennessee Morning,
Created / Sold 2019

Artificial Paradise

"Artificial Paradise".. MORE SAND NOWWWW! blood is nothing more than Soul Stew.. *Prove me wrong
Based of a Concept of What Southwest Florida Meant to Me.. I Turned a Turned away Concept for a Band Shirt.. Into An Art Piece, with a Custom Cedar frame.. Painted in Naples, FL.. Frame Picked Sticks, Built & Sold in Tennessee.. Created / Sold 2019 

Free From Destiny

Based off of An Old doodle From 2010. Recreated in 2019, to Be sold In Virginia to My Brothers Mother Mama Sage. Built with sticks and stuff that i found in there Garage..
Created / Sold 2019

Foreseen Blossom

Before I Made the Flower, I Created this Character after a Psychedelic  Experience.. Where as He Reflected.. He Grew.. He Knew the Seed was His to Be Grown... So He Planted.. and He Rooted Within Created 2019 / Sold 2020

Lucid Containers

My Favorite thing to make, has to be Metal Cups/ Tumblers/ Bottles with my Personal or Commissioned designs. As For the Jelly Fish Water For my Son. Stands out from the Rest of His Class! 

Down Down Down

A Johnny Cash Record that Instantly Sold. I was at the Pawn Shop down the Street from my Place, and had this Urge to Buy this Cash Record and Paint it.. Within 24 hours.. it was Sold to a goo Musician Friend of Mine that Fell in Love with it Right Away.

Costs of These Envisioned Creations

  With a Story of your Favorite Dream; Memory, Personal Folklore, Lucid Garden Vision, Thought, Etc.. on it
   I Like to Be Given 3 Topics, and Learn a Little Bit About you before Creating anything that will be Based of You 

***Such As On, Canvases; Sheds, Buildings, Homes, Paddle Boards, Guitars, Bass Drum Covers, Space Boards, Anything that you want Painted

Cost of Such Lucid Gardens Services, Follow Me...