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Lucid Gardens

Plant It Here 
Watch It Grow

Let Us Guide You Through the Lucid Gardens...

Below Are the Portals that Link you to other Realms of Observation and Collateral Exchange

There are items of the Garden to See, Drink, Wear, Ride and more... All Items are foreseen to connect with you. If you feel right.. I knew you would. Travel Kindly. 

It all looks better under the red light

The Portals that take You to the Inter-Worlds of Me, as I Take you Away from the Port of Purgatory.

Here You Can Read about My Artist Journey, Purchase Original Artwork & Other Art Products, and Learn More About Me & How I see this World  

Swamp Docta Bio

The Story of the Lucid Gardens, and How it Came to Be Discovered.. and Grown

Portals Series Art

View Windows into Other Worlds. Unique Wonders of Art, for Purchase. If Your Soul Feels it, Welcome Back

Murals in Business and HOme

Restaurants to the Home front!

Orginal Art Work

Misc. Art Works


Various Locations of Public Art that was Conjured up in your Physical Realm  

Buy Art & More Here

Art Products For Sale: Murals, Commission Info, Custom Cups, Prints, Shirts, Jewelry, etc...

Photo & Video Packages

From Natural Photos w/ the lucid touch to Unique Immersive Psychedelic Photo & Video Shoots


The Swamp Docta, Psychedelic Swamp Rock Opera Experience.
Videos and Links

Soul Window to Me & Naples Art Support

A Peak into where the Inspiration Starts and Where it Resides. From my Son to The World Within & Around Me...
I Am for You & Me.


Local Acknowledgements & Visions Brought to Life in the Bayshore Arts District of
Naples, FL to Wynwood 

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